Overwatch: Backstories For Your Favorite Characters From Your New Favorite Game


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Name: Gabriel Reyes

Other Aliases: N/A

Bio: Born in Los Angeles, Gabriel would eventually enlist with the US military. During his time serving, he reached a senior officer position, and was highly respected by those around him. When given the chance to enhance his abilities, he joined the military's "soldier enhancement program". During his time in the program, he would befriend John Morrison, and the two of them would later go on to join Overwatch, with Gabriel as the de facto leader.

After the Omnic Crisis had been averted, leadership of Overwatch went to John, which left a rift between him and Gabriel. Gabriel would then become part of Overwatch's covert ops division, Blackwatch. During his time there, he would train Jesse McCree, who had also joined the Blackwatch division.

Over time, the tension between Gabriel and John worsened, and this led to their fight and untimely "deaths" at the Overwatch Swiss HQ.

After some time, Gabriel is believed to have undergone a genetic alteration that failed and caused his cells to simultaneously decay and regenerate at a hyper-accelerated rate. Taking the moniker "Reaper", he now specializes in terrorism, with ties to the terrorist group Talon.

According to those attempting to track his movements, it is believed that he is currently hunting former Overwatch agents.