Overwatch: Backstories For Your Favorite Characters From Your New Favorite Game

Soldier: 76

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Name: John "Jack" Morrison

Other Aliases: Strike Commander Morrison

Bio: At the age of 18, John enlisted with the US military. Initially, he only wanted to serve briefly in the armed forces, but a few keen eyes at the top made note of his work ethic and courage. Eventually, they extended an invitation to him for their "soldier enhancement program", and he accepted. Morrison and many other inductees were shaped by military scientists to be perfect soldiers, gifting them with enhanced speed, strength, and agility.

Soon after their augmentations had been completed, the Omnic Crisis had begun, and the world needed a new force to combat the autonomous threat that would surely push us to extinction. Thus, Overwatch was formed, and so John (along with fellow super-soldier and friend, Gabriel Reyes) decided to join them.

Reyes had been given leadership of the group from the start, but John would prove to be the key to banding everyone together and mobilizing them effectively against the Omnic. Due to this, once the Omnic Crisis had been handled, the United Nations decided to make John the first official leader of Overwatch. Unfortunately, this put him at odds with Reyes, who was bitter that he had been passed over for the position.

It wouldn't be too long after that things started to go south for Overwatch as a whole. Public allegations were made against Overwatch and some of their agents, which put shadows of doubt over the minds of the people that they were sworn to protect. During this turmoil, Reyes would challenge John over the leadership of Overwatch by inciting a rebellion with some of the other members. This led to a battle in their Swiss HQ, which ended in an explosion destroying that destroyed the facility with both John and Reyes inside.

Presumed dead, the world grieved for a fallen hero. John, however, did not have time for death, as the world needed protectors now more than ever. Soon after his "death", Overwatch was disbanded, and their weapons were confiscated. John, now Soldier: 76, would run raids on compounds that held the weapons that were taken. After building up a decent arsenal, he began his work as a vigilante.

Currently, there is a reward of $10mil (USD) for any information leading to his capture.